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World-wide interest in Tibet has been high since large scale protests for independence broke out in the Tibetan capital Lhasa in March 2008, sparking a huge show of international support that erupted around China's staging of the Olympic Games torch relay.

The Tibet Action Group of Western Australia Inc (TAGWA) was formed as a result of the overwhelming show of sympathy for Tibetan freedom in the West Australian community.

We have staged rallies, vigils, marches and cultural events in support of the Tibetan cause. For what's coming up, see Events or join our mailing list....

TAGWA's Mission Statement

Tibet has always been an independent country whose people lived in peace for thousands of years. The Chinese occupation in 1950 brought a sudden end to that tranquillity. There wasn't any historical and legal justification for the Chinese invasion, but due to a lack of diplomatic relations with other countries and an inefficient defence force Tibet had no chance of protecting itself.

The bloody crackdown of the Tibetan national uprising on 10th March 1959 was the culmination of the resistance of the Tibetan people. The crackdown led to the flight of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and an exodus of some 80,000 Tibetans to India, marking the final chapter of the independent state in Tibetan history.

The Chinese occupation and its subsequent cultural revolution brought some of the worst genocide the world has seen since the holocaust, with 1.2 million Tibetans losing their lives. It brought the devastating destruction of an ancient culture and unprecedented suffering to the roof of the world.

The Chinese economic change in the eighties brought no change to the Tibetan people. Under the disguise of progress Tibetans became second-class citizens in their own country and were discriminated against in every level of life. For five decades Tibetans have been oppressed and have suffered under a total lack of human rights, despite China being a permanent member of the UN Security Council. China constantly violates the UN Charter and international law in dealing with the Tibetan people.

In 1979 the former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping conveyed the message to His Holiness that they could talk on any Tibetan issue except independence. As the unique cultural identity of the Tibetan people has been under threat of extinction, His Holiness offered the Chinese regime his middle way approach for genuine autonomy declaring he would not seek independence, but China has showed no signs of real interest for the last three decades. Pressured by world leaders in the lead up to the Olympic Games, China declared it would resume talks with His Holiness' representatives, but now the Games are over and they are back to their old strategy; Tibet is shut off from the international media, the Tibetan people continue to suffer and the world has extremely limited information about the situation in Tibet.

The Tibetan people's non-violent struggle for freedom has still a long way to go. The only hope that we can achieve some positive result is when we secure more worldwide support for our cause. The world cannot remain mute over what is happening in Tibet. It must voice with determination its condemnation of the Chinese human rights violations in Tibet and urge China to restore peace and freedom in Tibet.

The TAGWA wants to be the voice for the oppressed people in Tibet with the aim of raising awareness about the real situation in Tibet and to gain support from the general public and politicians in Western Australia for the Tibetan people's non-violent struggle for freedom.

Zatul Rinpoche
Founding President - Tibet Action Group for Western Australia (TAGWA)

About Our Logo

The TAGWA logo features a "Drong" or wild Yak, found only in Tibet. It is highly respected by the Tibetan people for its courage and strength. It represents the Tibetan peoples' determination and struggle for freedom. The triangle represents the mountains of Tibet - the "Roof of the World".

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