How Can I Help?

For the latest news, events, petitions, videos please view and join us on Facebook: T.A.G.W.A
Sharing via social media is a great way to be active, involved and raise awareness for TIBET
and Tibetans.

Write to your government and elected officials and urge them to support Tibet's right to independence.
Write to the media, especially your local media.
Seek more information on current events in Tibet. The Tibet Information Office, Canberra, phone: 02 6285 4046, or contact TAGWA.
Talk about Tibet and the Tibetan peoples' suffering to your family members, friends and workmates.
Organise information meetings in schools, clubs and other public meeting places. Contact TAGWA for assistance...
Ask your council to fly the Tibetan flag on March 10th, the commemoration date of Tibet's national uprising in 1959 against Chinese occupation.
Join the annual 10th March Rally and other events and rallies:

March 10 Rallies World Wide - Tibetan Uprising Day 

Take Action On Human Rights Day: December 10 

Feb 13 Tibetan Independance Day 



Please sign and share



Please sign and share

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